Sunday, November 20, 2011


Lol at the title but I miss my laptop so freaking much. Its temporary disappearance in my lifestyle has its benefits like sleeping early and such but still my life seems incomplete without it. Add to that fact that I'm not really not used to computer shops anymore. I mean, I'm really not used to people and the noise their creating. And aircon. I can't stand them. I can't stand coldness actually. For me, my room is the most comfortable place in Earth. It's nice and warm.

Anyways, not having my laptop brought me back memories. Sounds cheesy? Well, since it's not with me, my old habit came back. Reading pocketbooks. During my student years, pocketbooks have been my ever reliable armor for boredom and stress. Being a student is actually fun having friends and stuff like that but it's kinda stressing at times. Especially the thesis phase and the times when I cram before major exams which I often did since. I like thinking (READ: daydreaming) but its not the case in studying. It depends on my mood. I dunno. I'm really not irresponsible. Okay, a little? Oh right! I found the right term. When it comes to studying, I'm not consistent. Hahaha!

Well, you know, I'm writing two fanfics in my blog. I'm kinda proud of them hahaha! Anyways, I'm just glad that I had the characters' game plan for Husband and Wife. I just have to finalize Ryan's game plan. And when it's done, I'm done with the first half of the story. I kinda extend it because if I don't, it will finish with a wedding scene which is kinda cliche. I mean, majority of the Philippine series I've watched ends with a wedding scene. What the heck?! Besides, my Hate That I Love You fanfic ends with a wedding scene so I don't wanna repeat it hahaha!

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