Sunday, March 6, 2011

"Something GV Is Coming Your Way!"

At last! My long wait is over! ABS CBN's Good Vibes is going to air this April. Good thing it won't be shelved. Duh?! The news of having this show was sooooo last year! And the speculations of its airing was like December last year? Then became Febuary -.-  Anyways, who cares? The important thing is that it FINALLY has a clear airing month (?) and I'm getting excited about it!!! And the source is very reliable. It was posted in twitter a couple of days ago, I just forgot who did.

 credits of whoever scanned this :)

Good Vibes is a teen oriented show which I think is about a group of kids who loves dancing. I guess, there would be competition between two crews and stuff like that. Drama will definitely be involved since it's ABS CBN's forte. The show looks promising. It is something new for us, Filipino viewers. Well, as you can see, the cast is not that popular but hey, they auditioned for their roles. And got accepted. Weeee!!! ^_^

Here's their audition pieces:

credits to ilovetele

The teens are promising, right? Not to mention eye candies ^_^

I believe that this show will be a hit and it will launch the teens who shine the brightest. That is, if it happens to have a strong storyline and great dance prods every episode. And of course, if it will be faithful to its supposedly theme: dancing. To tell the truth, I have high expectations on this  specially on its storyline. I am hoping that it will have minimal pa-tweetums effect like love teams and love triangles. I hope the writers won't focus on that. Of course, love stories are essential to make a teen show succeed but it's getting old (well, for me).

I actually want the show to focus on competition, friendship, hardships of ALL the main characters to reach their goals and all that. PLEASE, don't make the characters one dimensional. Let them have developments. And I hope that it will also promote the teens needs to realize. Well, this is a show that will target teens. So, it would be really nice if this show can contribute on teens' values.

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