Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kung MULA SA PUSO Ay Tunay Na Ganyan

After the success of Mara Clara Remake, ABS CBN is going to do another. This time, it's Mula Sa Puso. It's the soap that launched Claudine Barretto as one of the hottest stars that time. It also made the Rico-Claudine loveteam. And of course, made Princess Punzalan known as a great contravida. Gosh! I don't even know why I'm listing down the effects of its success. Duh?! As if there's someone who doesn't know about this soap, the characters and all. I guess, because I really have no idea how to organize my thoughts regarding this remake.

credits to the owner

To be honest, I really am not familiar with the original soap. For one, I really am not fond of soap operas with all those endless crying, the main villain seems having nine lives which is not very realistic and cheesy lines! (urgh!) I rather watch anime! Hahaha! Well, that's my stand until now but for this, I'm gonna forget that I hate soap operas! Oh wait! I love them! (orocan mode :P)

credits to the owner

For the remake, Lauren Young will play Via. I am not a fan but I salute this girl for bagging the role through talent and hardwork. She, together with a lot of young actresses auditioned for the role so I don't think there's a palakasan system that was going on during the casting. JM de Guzman (the man wearing a blue shirt) will play Gabriel. A lot of Kapamilyas say that he is a good actor. Well, he is. I saw some clips ^_^ The other guy is Enrique Gil. He will be Michael. I think he's a miscast but Enrique, PROVE ME WRONG!

I hope that the show will be a success. It will be such a waste if it won't. The cast, I believe, will work hard on it specially Lauren since it's her first big project and not a lot have faith on her. And there's the chance that she will be overshadowed by JM. Gosh! The guy is hot specially when he acts.

But of course, I will be praying hard for this because of my favorite girl in showbiz.

credits to Joel Garcia

Devon Seron will be playing Mariel, the maid at Pereira's residence. She will, I think, play a major role in the love story of Via and Gabriel. She actually auditioned for the Via role but didn't get it. Well, I love this girl to bits but I don't think she's ready for a role this big. Besides, I don't think Via's character suits her.

Anyways, for the cast and the people behind Mula Sa Puso 2011, do your best. Give it your all. You can definitely make a masterpiece that you can be proud of.


bLaCk VaNiTy said...

..tama!.. =)

Anonymous said...

Gud luck Devon for MSP! ;) I will always watch you! :)