Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Matagal nang nakatago sa baul pero wala pa ring matinong storyline :P
Kailan ko kaya ito maisusulat?


This - hopefully - a masterpiece of mine has been in my head eversince I watched Enchantadia. You see, I have always thought that the mysterious land has five kingdoms...the fifth kingdom is called Flora. Butterflies are actually special fairies whose beauty is very bewitching they need to hide it. Also, they are special because they are very ugly when they are born. But like an ordinary butterfly, they have this magnificent transformation..from being an untochable caterpillar to being a majestic butterfly.

A young butterfly will be practically eating any food in sight. That is until they are ten years of age. So they are all obese. No one likes them. So the young ones either stay in their kingdom or put a "bandana" - a clothing that is covering their whole body except their eyes. But people know how ugly those kids are. So they try to stay away from them.

When they reach their tenth birthday, they will be placed in a chamber called cocoona and practically just sleep there. All the young butterflies will wear white clothes. White for submission. And white because a white cloth in Flora Kingdom can absorb all the energy in a young butterfly's body. Every month, they will wake up but not be allowed to come out in their cocoona. If they are stubborn, they will die. This stage is their most vulnerable stage. So their parents will just visit them.

After a year of being placed in the cocoona, the butterflies will be allowed to come out. And they will be training after that. That will be for four years. And in this stage, the elder butterflies will know the powers that they get. The color of their clothing will change color.

Red - Strenght and Speed

Blue - Power of Water

Yellow - Power of Fire

Violet - Power of Air

Pink - The Power to be a Guide

Among the five, pink is the color can be seen in the clothing of the princess. But pink can be seen once in a thousand years. If ever a princess has a pink-colored clothing when she got out of her cocoona, she will have the ability to see the future and the outcome of every choice one has to make. And another power that is one of the four. She is perceived to be the strongest butterfly if ever that happens.

After the training, they will be assigned in a field where their best at. They can wander in other kingdoms. But they can't show their face. They are extremely beautiful its poisoning. And their kingdom must not be known.

Any man would want a butterfly for a lover. Even if it means war. But they can't be in love with someone from another tribe except for the ninjas - the male butterflies. Unlike the females, ninjas stage of growth are normal.

Butterflies' beauty is a curse. It can't be exposed. If it is, any man will fall in love on the spot. That kind of love is greedy for they would want the butterfly no matter what it takes. In the past, it had been the cause of four wars in their original home - the Fairyland. So, for their safety (because the head fairies are planning to kill them all) they went in a mysterious land that is now called Flora. 

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