Saturday, November 5, 2011

Angelito: Batang Ama

I'm so back in blogworld LOL. I just saw the teaser of Angelito: Batang Ama and kind of not made me more excited about the show but...uhm...I'm lost. I can't express the reason what made me blog about it so I'll just skip this. It's getting annoying :P

The show is basically about a normal high school guy (Angelito) who dreams big for his family. A typical responsible Filipino (or trying to be), I should say. Until one day, he meets this girl and they click so they become boyfriend-girlfriend. They had sex....the girl gets pregnant and here comes the plot...

What made me excite about the show is the story's point of view. Usually with this kind of plots, it's the girl who will be the center of the story. Well, most of soap operas in TV have women as their protagonist. But here, it's the guy so it kinda have a refreshing view. I hope ABS has a good script for this concept. If it's another cliche, I might like drop it once Devon's appearance will be like in Mula sa Puso. I guess, that's the reason why I felt nothing when I saw the teaser. I saw CLICHE. All caps. I hope I'm wrong though.

Oh, this is the teaser by the way
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Anonymous said...

sana po may next na po ang wife and husband. I love the story