Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I think I am having a bad hair day. I have a cold that I know will last not only for a couple of weeks. My body immune system and cold viruses seem to have a conspiracy for the longest time! Once the freaking virus entered my body, expect it to stay for a month or so! Argh! And I hate having colds! For me, it is a lot worse than having a fever. At least, when I have one, I will have an excuse not to go to the office. Hahaha!

Aside from the invation of the annoying virus, my head is currently having a funny feeling. It's like a premature headache (is there such a word?) I don't know if it's because of those sleepless nights I am having these days or because of the cold. Or maybe, the cold viruses were attracted to my weak immune system because of those sleepless nights. Gosh! I think I will be posting a senseless blog later. O well, like anyone cares.

Those sleepless nights are pressuring me big time. I have to wake up at 4am or 4:30am and I sleep at 2am. Well, I am not really a morning person to begin with. My brain works the best at night, you see. And I happen to have a restless soul. I don't know why. And I am addicted to mangas lately. When I'm in my room, I just read and read mangas. Or watch anime or any Japanese dramas out there. And there's my fanfics.

Not boasting or anything, but I can easily think of a plot when my imagination is working. As of now, I have to fanfics in my hands and more in my head. The ideas just keep going and it's torture not to be able to write them yet. Hahaha! It's my decision, I know but argh! Why do I have to be lazy? And why do I have to be scatter brain writer wanna be? It's kinda frustrating to be able to start to write your own masterpiece (maybe a trash to others) and be stuck in a scene! And the most frustrating part is you don't have to be frustrated because you're not getting paid.

Since I'm on it, I'll rant about the two on-going fics I have. First, Husband And Wife. It may be the best story I have. So far, I am really proud that I am writing something like this. The plot may be simple, the only spice is Debbie's anger towards her family but I love every scene. And the readers, I think, can feel that I am putting my heart and soul on this one. But, I am currently stuck on the revenge thingy. I mean, Debbie is just nineteen and she wants to take over a big company full of debts. She's a former thief and she will take every opportunity to torment her half sister. There are a lot of hows here. And the biggest how is how the heck can Debbie manage the business. My course is not related to business. Hahahaha!

Next, Pangarap Chronicles. I wanna cry. This fanfic is related to ABS CBN's Mula sa Puso. The thing is, I don't watch the soap anymore. Either I go home late or I can't put down the manga I'm reading. So, I don't know what is happening to the characters involved (Michael and Mariel). Oh! I want to divert its plot to the plot of the soap but something feels weird. And geez! I just made a plan to make it a fantaserye! Geez! Totoy Bato, anyone? Or make it something related to Mariel's journey in her career. But the thing is, it's related to business. And I don't know anything about that. Hahaha!

Okay. The rant ends here. Part two, anyone? Chos!

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