Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Set

One factor why I am anticipating about Amaya is how its setting will be visualized. The story is set during pre-Spanish time so its not that they will create a "new world" like what they did to Mulawin, Encantandia, Dyesebel and Dwarfina. Uhmm..yeah they will but they have to base it on what one would see during Amaya's time. So, the set must be somehow an almost exact replica on what must be seen during those times. Something like that :P

Anyways, GMA7 let us take a peek at Karakoa, now the network will let us wander in its latest creation's set (hmm..I think its the barangay) for a little bit.

credits to Talmage4DY

Whoa! If History was taught to me this way, I don't think I would have found it boring when I was still a student. Teacher Mac Alejandre, please take care of me! :P

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