Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mula Sa Puso, Sa Monday Na Before TV Patrol

As what my title says, Mula Sa Puso will air on Monday, before TV Patrol. I'm not really liking it. Don't get me wrong but I really doubt that they are already prepared to air. How many episodes had they already taped? I hope it's enough.

And duh?! They treat the show's promotion like how they treat Imortal's. Okay. Mula Sa Puso and Imortal are both shows that are big and expected o be a hit. Despite, of the difference in genre. (The former is a fantaserye showing vampires and wolves and the latter is a remake of one of the network's successful shows), I believe that both projects are expected to bring a large income to ABS.

However, Imortal stars John Lloyd Cruz and Angel Locsin. The two have their fanbaseS supporting them. That alone will be an assurance that people will watch.

Can an Angel Locsin fan or a JLC fan resist this?

On the other hand, Mula Sa Puso has fresh faces with nothing that their fans can brag about yet. I admit, even Devon. This is their first big project and even some kapamilyas are doubting on what they can offer. Well, I'm talking about Lauren Young and Enrique Gil. I like the latter but I am douting him. Haha!

This show is like a make or break for the three. If there's something that people will watch out for is the story itself. Gosh! The original series was such a huge hit! And of course, there's the Mara Clara hype.

Anyway, I hope I'm wrong. Despite of the negative things I've just written, I sincerely want this show to be a success

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