Saturday, March 19, 2011

All I Need Is Love

credits to nicobunso

I can feel Good Vibes already <3 I love their MV. It's so cute! Bret Jackson did a good job singing the song. Though he had some akward moments, I'll still grade him excellent for this video.

The editing is also nice. I think I already had an idea about the plot after watching the video. The roles of Ivan Dorschner, Kazel Kinouchi, Chikara Nawa and Heidi Riego are not clear though. I hope they'll get longer exposures once the show aired.

And because I am a big fan of Devon Seron, I feel proud while watching the MV. I so love her expressions! Girl, you made me believe that your character is secretly in love with your best friend. You nailed it!

I just so love Devon's scenes in the video:

Scene 1: When Troy, holding flowers, approached Maribeth. I like Devon's transition of expression --- from surprise to "okay yan pare!" look

Scene 2: A snapshot. She's so pretty :D

Scene 3: When I supposed, they won on a competition. DevQuen <3

Scene 4: Chicken dance! My gosh! My baby was so adorable! Jaevon's smiles were so cute <3

Scene 5: Aaaawwww!!! Looks like someone fell in love at first sight. Hihihi!

Scene 6: Maribeth's jealous. I'm convinced! Kudos, Baby Devs :D

Scene 7: The scene was so tender. Once again, I love Devon's change of emotion from joy with matching kilig from sadness.

Scene 8: Another DevQuen moment. I just like the way that Sam Concepcion had like the whole cast (except DevQuen) dancing with him while Enrique Gil was only dancing with Devon. Harhar!


Love her look! She's so pretty! Even without make up.

And so, my excitement for GV had just raised to another level <3


tanya said...

ate lheee! agree ako sa sinabi mo!. parang di bagong artista si devon. ang galing umarte.kahit mv plang yung nakita natin

Anonymous said...

oo nga ang galing ni devon.............