Monday, December 27, 2010

Liar Game

I love this drama! It's about Kanzaki Nao who is idiotically honest. She suddenly was involved in a game full of deception and wits called the Liar Game. Here she met a genius swindler name Sinichi Akiyama and became her hero. <3

Uhmm...okay. This is NOT your typical shoujo manga that centers its story on romance. Its all about strategy (well, for me). But I can't resist the Akiyama X Nao pairing! They are so cute with the subtle hints the live action has provided --- not that it's a lot but it made me hooked! Now, I am going to definitely make a way to watch the Season Two! (Urgh! Why won't the links provided by Mr. Google work T_T? So frustrating!)

I guess I will read the on going manga for this. And I hope the mangaka have this two together in the end. Akiyama and Nao, confessing how much they love each other will be great! Wishful thinking! T_T Akiyama isn't really the type to do that. But pleaaaaaaasssssseeeeee.... (fangirl mode on :p)

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